The Deltics were no different from any other locomotive in that virtually all parts were inter-changeable and the major components, ie the bogies, boilers and power units, found themselves swapped from loco to loco during minor and major repairs. A list of components used and in which loco and at what time is as follows...




1.      Locomotives

2.      Power Units (series 2)

3.      Power Units (series 3)

4.      Power Units (anomaly/unknown)

5.      Bogies (fabricated)

6.      Bogies (cast)

7.      Boiler (Spanner Mk II ‘Swirlyflo’)

8.      Boiler (Clayton)

9.      Boiler (unknown origin)

10.    Boiler (unknown origin)

11.    Photographs & Images

12.    Power unit 406 rebuild

13.    Preserved Power Unit Final Component Summary


A breakdown of all Deltic visits to works for attention...


14.    Works Time Line




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