1375 - Photo & : Bob Peach.

Crimpsall's No.2 bay, Doncaster Works, on the 31st October 1980 and 55002 (D9002) "THE KING'S OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY" undergoes its final Intermediate overhaul...

1374 - Photo & : Bob Peach.

...55002 (D9002) "THE KING'S OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY" entered Doncaster Works for overhaul on the 14th October 1980 and is seen here bereft of all major components...

1373 - Photo & : Bob Peach.

...55002 (D9002) "THE KING'S OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY" would emerge from Doncaster Works during December 1980, refinished in original two-tone green livery, and would enjoy celebrity status for its remaining twelve months in service, prior to its preservation at the National Railway Museum at York.
Note: the snag sheet visibly taped to the locomotives side stated the loco required a replacement load regulator at one end - this was sourced from the withdrawn locomotive 55020 (D9020) "NIMBUS"...

1372 - Photo & : Bob Peach.

...One of the overhauled power units destined for 55002, during its Intermediate overhaul, at Doncaster Works on 31st October 1980. 55002 had power units 407 and 445 installed upon release. The locomotives boiler water tank is also seen, overhauled and repainted, awaiting re-fitting directly behind the power unit.